The Secret Alaska Project Speedmasters Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Space Watch Future

The 2008 reissue Alaska II prototype, made in 1970 copies (Image: (c.Revolution)


1978 -- The Alaska III Prototypes

NASA's Apollo 17 mission was its last flight to the Moon. However, another project was started in 1976 with the hope of building a reusable spacecraft. The Space Shuttle program was this project. NASA needed to qualify all its equipment including the Speedmaster because it was a new program.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches decided to change things up for its third chapter in the Alaska project with three different watches. They were all sent to NASA for re-qualification, April 3, 1978.

The ST145.022 was the first of the line. It featured a 42mm steel twisted-lug case,Patek Philippe Replica Watches caliber 861 and a black dial with tritium hour markers. There is no large red aluminum heat shield anymore.

One of three watches types that NASA received as part of the Alaska III Prototypes. The ST145.022 watch with the black dial and radial dial was the watch that was requalified for NASA's Space Shuttle Program. It was also the only watch from Alaska Projects to be adopted into service.

The Speedmaster reference 11003 was second, and used the automatic chronograph calibr 1045.

The third and most radical was the Speedsonic Reference ST188.0002,a lange & sohne replica watches which uses a tuning fork-regulated electromechanical movement, caliber 1255. This is basically a modified Dubois depraz ESA9210 that appeared in watches such as the Speedmaster Speedsonic or "Lobster" earlier in 1974.

Speedsonic reference ST188.0002, which was delivered to NASA in the Alaska III prototypes. (Image:

The Speedsonic reference ST188.0002 contained the electromechanical caliber 1255. It was part of the Alaska III prototypes. (Image:

Petros continues the story by saying that the "Alaska III" Project was one of only a few iterations to meet all legal requirements under the "Buy American Act" at the time. Star Watch Case Company of Michigan produced all cases related to "Alaska III".

Research has shown that three Speedsonic reference ST 188.002 models were manufactured and delivered for qualification testing. We can only trace one Reference 11003 model at the moment, but we are certain that there were many more.

There were three watch types that were delivered.Patek Philippe fake Watches But no prizes for guessing that it was the ST145.022 manual winding that NASA requalified for the Space Shuttle program. It was a simple decision to use the automatic reference 11003 because there is no gravity in space. NASA was not sure how a battery-powered watch would perform in space, which led to the decision against the more progressive ST188.0002.

Petros says, "After the successful qualification of the Speedmaster Professional equipped with the radial dial,IWC Portuguese Replica and encased in Star Watch Case Company made case -- in fact the first successful output within the "Alaska Series of projects -- NASA's program office received a batch 56 Speedmasters.

We know that 56 watches were made, which is certainly more than we thought. This was in addition to following the logical steps in production and to ensure a high quality repair service. Although we don't know the exact production number,swiss panerai replica watches the "second batch", which is the production that was added to make sure continuous deliveries were possible and the watches were serviced during their active lives, is what we have.

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